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      Hotline : 01793-515003, 01987-671957


      We are very pleased to inform you that we are one of the leading market players in Fire Safety and Security Industry of Bangladesh. We do import, supply, install, testing and commissioning of full range of fire safety and security system . We are proudly serving many renowned companies of Bangladesh. Some of our valued clients are listed below :

      Some of Our Client List:
      Bangladesh Army
      HERO NILOY Bangladesh
      United Lubricant
      Shohid Salahuddin Cant. Ghatail, Tangail
      MBEC,Padma Bridge Project
      Dutch Bangla Bank Limited(155 Branches)
      Huawe Technologies Ltd.Bangladesh
      Super Star Group
      Pulse Constructon Ltd.
      Detla Heath Care Mirpur Ltd.
      Barnali Textiles and Printing Ltd.
      Pushpa Knitwares Ltd.
      Navana Petrolium Ltd,Tejgoan
      Asmara International.
      Asmara BD Pvt. Ltd.

      Omera LPG Ltd,Gulshan
      Pro-Active Medical College And Hospital
      Sahabuddin Medical College and Hospital.
      Grand Sultan Tea Resort, Sreemongol,Sylhet.
      Hotel Sweet Dream, Dhaka
      Salauddin Medical College,
      SME Foundation
      Eastern Housing Ltd.
      Heed Bangladesh(NGO)
      CIDIP Bangladesh
      Heed International School
      Artisan Group
      DOM-INNO Group....

      And many more.....
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