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      Hotline : 01793-515003, 01987-671957

      Fire Equipment Depot

      We are very pleased to inform you that we are one of the leading market players in Fire Safety and Security Industry of Bangladesh. We do import, supply, install, testing and commissioning of full range of fire safety and security system. We are proudly representing several global reputed manufacturers in Bangladesh.Our system and products are as per NFPA & BNBC standard and certified by UL, FM, LPCB, CE etc. Our product range is as following:

      Our Products

      We are committed to providing the best products

      Fire Safety and Equipment:
      1. Fire Door (UL)
      2. Fire Detection System (UL)
      3. Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler System (UL/FM/LPCB) Fire Suppression System (UL/FM/LPCB)
      4. Diesel engine/Motor Driven Fire Pump: Patterson,USA. Bristol,Dubai
      5. Fire Resistant Cable (LPCB Approved)
      6. Grooved Piping System (UL/FM/LPCB/CE)
      7. Consultancy ,Drawing and Hydraulic calculations as per NFPA Standard.
      8. Fire Extinguisher Supply and Refilling works(ABCE ,Co2,Foam,Water)
      9. Fire Door manufactured by FED(Bangladesh)
      CCTV, PA(Public Address),Access Control System
      Arch Way Metal Detector, Hand Held Detector, Mirror Detector

      We provide below services:
      # Documentation:
      ~ Factory Layout plan
      ~ Fire Escape plan
      ~ Single line diagram
      ~ Electrical wiring diagram
      ~ Machine Layout plan

      # Consultancy:
      ~ to develop -full compliance factory
      ~ to approve Accord, Alliance, BSCI, Sedex & Wrap audit.

      # Assessment:
      ~ Fire Safety Assessment
      ~ Building safety Assessment
      ~ Electrical Safety Assessment

      # Fire & Safety Product Supply:
      ~ Fire Equipments
      ~ Safety Equipments
      ~ Safety Sign
      ~ Floor Marking
      ~ Refilling ABCE,Co2 and Foam Type Fire Extinguisher

      # Safety & Compliance Project
      ~ Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler system
      ~ Addressable Fire alarm system
      ~ Fire resistant Door system
      ~ P.A. System
      Access Control System
      ~ CCTV system

      Our ultimate mission is to bring you under full safety. We appreciate your time and look forward to working with you in upcoming days and ensure our best services at all times.

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